Monday, September 6, 2010

Wait! Before any makeup touches your face....

I suggest 5 prior steps:
  • Identify your skin type
do you have oily, dry, or combination skin? This step is crucial because it allows you to chose the right products. Doing so will determine whether your makeup application will be a hit or miss.
  • Cleanse your face
it is very important that the face is free of  oil and bacteria that can get embedded in our pores.
  • Moisturize
yes, moisturizing the face is a must. using a moisturizer will keep the skin supple and in great condition. Choosing  the right one is also key you must know whether your skin is dry, oily,or normal and go from there

  • Primer
since I have combination skin and i tend to get excessively oil in my T zone ( down the middle of my face and under my eyes)  I've noticed that using a primer helps keep my makeup from sliding down my face. It keeps my make up in place even during those sweltering summer days.

  • Tools/Products
it is very important to have the right tools and products, what works for some doesn't work for all. Do a little research, what imperfections would you like to conceal which features would you like to enhance? Once these steps are taken into account you  are ready to WORK!

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